My league of legends stickers for this con, the 2 ones i have so far! Sona and Teemo!


Eevee promo by request.

tsuthetiger inquired: Yeah it would be better if you ignored any other anons like that. Or just ignore this situation in general.


Literally though. That anon was literally what I was talking about what lists like that will do to this website.

Whatever though. I dont care haha.

obvious bias towards gay furry blogs
obby, tsu, botabu, hayagin and lock-wolf are on it
one of my followers are on it and they only have like 500 followers
thats cool

People on this site can be extremely rude, i think it’s better to just go along with it!

Plus that person doesn’t even have the guts to say it out loud, hence the need to use the anon function.

Let’s just move on Zanpai, we all know you’re great, no matter what  a dumb list says, all people on here are great <3

umiuno inquired: Ahh i think you shouldn't be angry zanpai ; w; all the cool people i know are not in that list, it's just a silly list someone made based on their own opinions! kind of like a top ten :3 *hugs*



I know I shouldn’t get pissed at something stupid like this.

I’ve just seen shit like this before and I’ve seen the backlash and toxicity it causes amongst the people on the list and off the list (just to get ON the list).

Dumb dumb dumb.

That’s true, people can easly get offended from not being taken in account when a list is being made, specially when it is a touchy subject such as someone’s popularity or coolness.

I just wish we could all be happy together, sort of , in like, utopia <3. In case you need to talk anything out zanpai, i’m always here, okie? I hope my comment didn’t annoy you or anything , as it wasn’t my intention to do so ;;


rhitahtyn replied to your post: LITERALLY LIKE HAYAGIN IS ON THIS LIST…

I was there before. They must have saw my response to it. Neat no longer in it though

You’re still on the list tho

guys guys guys

calmd down about that list

I’m not even popular on here uwu nothing happens, it’s just a dumb lie <3 All the cool furrs i know aren’t there <3

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I really wanted to draw some poke paws


Umiuno, for Umiuno!

A little backstory, Umiuno is one of my oldest characters! Designed as an overly shy houndoom, despite his tribe’s background of being one of the most fiercesome tribes in existence. He would meet up with a buizel named Ikazu and grow to become an adventurer. He’s just another silly dog that is surprised by everything, in fact he’s about to step on one right now!


Stab yourself multiple times. Do not ask for help.

Crying at all is not allowed, so cut your mouth in the shape of a smile to show everyone just how happy you are!

Once you’re ready  for the most important, greatest step, make sure to make your death as slow and painful as possible!

Hehe , hope you’ve enjoyed the perfect formula for happiness, might put it in aciton sometime soon myself!